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Delivery date : 26/11/2021 Review posted on
By Judy H. recent purchaser of CITROËN C1

1 Review(s) posted by Judy H.

My family have dealt with Aylesbury Citroen and Joe in particular for many years. We would never consider going anywhere else. Joe knows my needs very well and really looks out for me - more a friend than a salesman. I trust the Citroen brand, the staff, and their hot chocolate while you wait is the best !!

Delivery date : 23/11/2021 Review posted on
By Len N. recent purchaser of CITROËN Other

1 Review(s) posted by Len N.

I have waited for my van since March. Lucy as been great keeping up to date all the time. I am glad I change to Citroen from Peugeot. Looking forward to receive the next service.

Delivery date : 10/11/2021 Review posted on
By Wanda L. recent purchaser of CITROËN C3

1 Review(s) posted by Wanda L.

I couldn't be more pleased with the thoughtfulness of the dealer I dealt with in looking out for my 'perfect car' and finding me the model with the most comfortable seating for me, the right engine performance and my favourite colour to boot! Everything I needed to know was professionally explained in detail avec bonhommie and refreshments were always offered. Altogether a happy experience.

Delivery date : 05/11/2021 Review posted on
By Jorge P. recent purchaser of CITROËN C3

1 Review(s) posted by Jorge P.

Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly team at Spirtif. Received excellent service purchasing a used C3. Car was delivered in immaculate condition. Thank you.

Delivery date : 12/10/2021 Review posted on
By Chi Chun W. recent purchaser of CITROËN C1

1 Review(s) posted by Chi Chun W.

We bought our approved used Citroen C1 at Sportif Citroen, the service was superb. Thanks to Mr. Jason Church, who took care of us during the test drive and provided very professional advices. MOT was included in the price and car delivery was quick. Overall, it's a pleasure shopping experience, highly recommend this shop.

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